I'm an award-winning poet and novelist, university instructor, editor, and writing mentor. I hold a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia and a Certificate in Narrative Therapy from the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy. I adore teaching Creative Writing in the Creative Studies Program at University of British Columbia, Okanagan campus.

That’s the shiny surface but, like all of us, dig deeper and you'll find more. I'm also a former high school drop-out and once-upon welfare recipient who struggled with depression, getting out of bed, and keeping a job. I made my way out of those lost years, became a university graduate, post-graduate, and published author. Along the way, I've traveled across the world, often on my own, and spent time living off the grid in coastal BC and Yukon territory.

Today, I'm a married mother of two and I live with my family as resident caretakers of Bishop Wild Bird Sanctuary in British Columbia. I juggle teaching university students with maintaining a bird sanctuary, raising kids with writing books.

We all contain multitudes. Writing is what has helped me to explore and navigate my own. 

Laisha is a very bright and capable girl who lacks focus at times, likely because of her propensity for daydreaming.
— Mrs. Johnson, fifth grade teacher
photo credit Renee Leveille Biebly

photo credit Renee Leveille Biebly