Our Familiar Hunger

My fourth collection of poetry will be released in April 2018 by Nighwood Editions. Our Familiar Hunger is a book about the strength, will, struggle and fortitude of generations of women and how those relationships and knowledges interact, inform, transform and burden. These poems are memories of reclaimed history and attempts at starting over in a new place. They are the fractured reality of trickle-down inheritance, studies of the epigenetic grief we carry and the myriad ways that interferes or interprets our best attempts.


The Scandinavian Virgin

In the middle of the twentieth century, three women – an Italian duchess, her daughter, and their Danish personal secretary – close the gates to their property in small town Western Canada and don’t emerge for another twenty-five years.

Based on a true story, The Scandinavian Virgin takes us from rural Denmark to Egypt on the cusp of war, from Roman palaces to the dirt roads of Western Canada, charting the circumstances that led these three women into seclusion. 

The Scandinavian Virgin is represented by Martha Webb of The McDermid Agency

Photo by Kristina Flour

Photo by Kristina Flour