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Our Familiar Hunger

My fourth collection of poetry will be released in 2018 by Nighwood Editions. Our Familiar Hunger explores the lives of Eastern European women, both contemporary and historical. Poems move from the Russian Revolution into holodomor, the massive state-imposed famine in Ukraine, to early twentieth century immigration to Canada and the subsequent interment of those of Eastern European descent into prisoner camps across Canada during the First World War. The collection moves into twenty-first century migration, the international sex trade, and internet-arranged marriage as a way to into "the West". Set against backdrops of historical and contemporary conflict zones, farmers' fields ravaged by the greed of government officials, and oil fields pumping crude resources out of the northern Canadian landscape, the women each respond to different types of hunger -- literal hunger for food and sustenance, sexual hunger and desire, hunger for love, respect, equality, acceptance, and peace.

The Scandinavian Virgin

Based on a true story, The Scandinavian Virgin follows Inge-Marie Juul as she leaves her farm in northern Denmark to seek a course set by love and adventure on an international scale. Between the two world wars, her own life collides with that of a family of displaced Italian nobility, then things get increasingly strange... More to come!

The Scandinavian Virgin is represented by Martha Webb of The McDermid Agency

Photo by Nancy Lee

Photo by Nancy Lee