Little Fortress

Little Fortress

Little Fortress is based on the true story of the Caetanis, a family of Italian nobility driven out of their home by the rise of fascism, who chose exile in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. In her long-awaited second novel, Laisha Rosnau brings to life Ofelia, her daughter, Sveva Caetani, and their personal secretary, Miss Juul. 

Moving from a lighthouse in the North Atlantic, to teeming Cairo on the cusp of war, from Roman palaces to isolation in a rugged small Canadian town, the voice of the novel is Miss Juul, a diminutive Danish woman with a storied past who is employed by the Caetanis. The family seeks peace in Canada and Miss Juul is essential to them as their employee and confidant. They live between Europe, changing in ways they can't conceive, and Canada, a world where they don't quite belong. When Ofelia takes to her bed after the death of the duke, Miss Juul cares for her and Sveva, and brings her own secrets into twenty-five years of seclusion with them. 

Little Fortress is a story of a changing world, with the death of its age-old nobility, and the lives and shifting roles of women in times of upheaval. It is a sweeping and intricate story of friendship, class, trust, betrayal and, ultimately, love. 

Available September 2019!

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