Write Mind Narrative Therapy at Spoke Fest

Spoke Literary Festival 2017

I'll be leading a workshop on Narrative Therapy at this year's Spoke Literary Festival. What is Narrative Therapy, anyway? This is the blurb for Spoke Fest:

In this introduction to some of the foundational concepts of the practice of Narrative Therapy, we’ll explore how our own narrative and writing practices can positively affect health and resiliency. Learn how to apply the foundational concepts of Narrative Therapy to your own writing practice and your own work, whether it is fiction, memoir, poetry, or any other form of creative writing. Explore how your writing practice can help you move through challenges and blocks in your life, and in your creative work.

I've facilitated plenty of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction workshops -- and, to be honest, each of those workshops ends up being a bit of a therapy session -- but this will be my first workshop on Narrative Therapy, specifically, since I became certified from the Vancouver School of Narrative Therapy last September.

It will be followed by my favourite kind of therapy -- emerging out of my solitary writing life, shaking off the kids and the garden dirt from my hands and knees, to socialize with like-minded and Write-Minded peeps, share some laughs, appies, and festive drinks.

If you can be in the Okanagan Valley August 11-13, 2017, you should join us!

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