"Having Laisha as my trusted mentor has helped me, very quickly make huge strides in my work.

With a keen sensitivity, generosity of spirit and gentle approach to helping shape a writer's work in their own voice - as well as an in-depth understanding of the publishing industry - Laisha's guidance has encouraged me to keep at my craft and submit my work to the right markets. Thank you, Laisha, for all the wisdom and care you bring to your role as a creative writing mentor! I can't imagine being on this journey without you."

Nicole Breit, Winner of the Room Creative Nonfiction Award, and the Carte Blanche Nonfiction Award

"Laisha Rosnau's understanding of story structure, poet's eye for language, and deep empathy for the writer's process enable her to approach a manuscript with editorial shrewdness as well as with respect and instinct for the writer's intention. 

With thoughtfulness and insight, Laisha opens possibilities in a draft and helps the writer move closer to the book they've imagined writing."

Nancy Lee, author of Dead Girls and The Age 

"I enjoy working with Laisha because I know she's committed to my success as a writer, and won't let me get away with giving any less than my best.

Our discussions are lively, her comments thoughtful and constructive. She understands my objectives as a writers and provides honest, open critique to move me to where I need to be."

Stella Harvey, author of Nicolai's Daughters and The Brink of Freedom, co-founder of the Whistler Writers' Festival

"Laisha has been a trusted first reader on each of my poetry books. Her suggestions are equal parts thoughtful and artful.

She always has her eye on the big picture - she considers what I'm trying to do, and helps me get there."

Jennica Harper, author of The Octopus and Other Poems, What it Feels like for a Girl, and Wood

"Ms. Rosnau's first hand knowledge of the local and international literary world provides and exciting learning environment.

She is a very committed professional. Ms. Rosnau maintains high standards with respect to each literary product and offers insightful and useful feedback on each student's work."

Shirley Brayne, BEd, MA, Educational Consultant

"I found Ms. Rosnau to be one of the best instructors I have had, and certainly the most kind and supportive.

Her detailed and thorough critique of my short stories was done kindly. Ms. Rosnau is enthusiastic about her subject matter, has a good sense of humour, is friendly, and yet always professional. I highly recommend her."

Bonnie T. Lepin, MA, LLB, Vancouver trial lawyer

"Laisha and I have read each other's early drafts for years and her feedback is integral to my process.

She has a keen eye and ear, understands and honours the wilderness of the work, and is not afraid to ask difficult questions. 

I'm grateful to have her in my poetry corner."

Marita Dachsel, author of All Things Said and Done and Glossolalia 

"Laisha has such a keen sense of how to propel a story from where it is now to where it needs to go.

Her comments are always thoughtful and thorough, her suggestions specific and in keeping with your style. Laisha instantly has a sense of what you're trying to achieve and what's at the heart of your writing. It's evident you're drawing on the expertise of someone with a deep understanding of literary devices and of the publishing industry. The perfect second set of eyes at any stage."

Nathalie Appleton, author of There's Something I Need to Tell You 

"It takes a special kind of writer to be able to finesse the best out of someone else’s work.

Laisha is truly the best kind of writer, creative mentor, editor and reader any writer could ask for. She brings a thoughtfulness and care to detail that only a seasoned professional writer can offer. I am forever grateful for her advice."

Kerry Gilbert, author of Tight Wire 

"Laisha Rosnau is a not only a talented writer but an exceptionally skilled editor.  On both my short stories and poetry, her feedback has been perceptive, thoughtful, and precise – offering just the reader feedback I needed to take each poem or story to the next level of effectiveness. 

Laisha is also a delight to work with – encouraging, witty, and just darn serious about the work she does as a writer, and mentoring other writers, in our world."    

Michelle Doege, MFA