Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts. And never hope more than you work.
— Rita Mae Brown

Do you have so many writing projects in mind that you don't know where to begin? Are you mired in the the maze of your own manuscript and don't know the way forward? Are you trying to figure out when to write, and how? If you need an agent, and how to find one? Where to send out for publication, and how? 

I've been there - the uncertain beginnings, the mucky middles, maintaining a writing practice with the demands of a very full life, and the daunting questions of What next? 

I don't know where I'd be without the support, guidance, and way-finding of mentors in my writing life. And, as trite as it sounds, I've learned as much from those I've mentored - several of whom who have gone on to publish, win awards, and become good friends. 

The Write Mind Mentorship Program is intensive and individualized. I work one-on-one with you, wherever you are in your writing life, with my experience as a novelist and poet, fifteen years of teaching Creative Writing in post-secondary and community settings, and my training in Narrative Therapy. I respond to not only your writing, but provide support, guidance, and real-life strategies to keep you in your Write Mind.

The writing life is as mentally and emotionally challenging as it is intellectually invigorating. I respond to you and your work with thoughtfulness and sensitivity, consider your intentions and goals at the same time as I challenge you to push past any conceived limits, to experiment and play, stretch your writing in new directions, and create your best possible work. 

Are you ready to commit to taking your writing to the next level?

Write Mind Mentorship Program is:

  • Unique to each individual writer and tailor-made for where you are in your writing life, what you'd like to explore and accomplish, and where you’d like to take your writing.

  • Unlimited in terms of literary genres. I’m a poet, novelist, and creative nonfiction writer, and can provide guidance and craft-based feedback in each literary genre, including identifying which project is best suited to your talents and strengths.

  • Directed by your own writing goals, expectations, and dreams, whether you are working toward your first publication in literary magazines, writing a novel or memoir, or compiling a collection of poetry.

  • A way to be accountable to yourself and to move forward with your own goals, while receiving guidance, support, and specific literary craft- and market-based feedback on the way.

Write Mind Mentorship Program includes:

  • Monthly submission of up 7,500 words, or thirty pages, submitted for feedback

  • Rigorous, comprehensive comments on each monthly submission

  • Suggestions for relevant readings, and identification of possible literary markets for your work

  • Discussion and brainstorming sessions, either over email/online discussion forum or a Skype call, whichever you'd prefer

  • Ongoing guidance and support in maintaining a writing practice, completing a manuscript, and achieving creative goals

Program Entry & Rates

Because I teach at UBC Okanagan and I have my own writing practice, I accept a limited number of writers in each three-month period so that I can give each writer, and your work, the attention it deserves. I accept new writers in September, January, April, and occasionally for an intensive over July and August.

The cost of a three-month mentorship is $300/mo x 3 months, or $850 if you prefer one payment.

Fall, September-December 2019: FULL
Winter, January-March 2020: Registration Open
Spring, April-June 2020: Registration Open

If you would like to register, or would like to know more, fill out the form below and I will contact you to set up a free consultation.

Register early to hold your spot for Winter 2020, beginning in the new year!

If my time allows, I can occasionally offer feedback and suggestions on an hourly basis. My hourly rate is $75/hour. Please inquire to see if I am available to give your work close attention within a timely response time. 

Let me know if you have any questions about the Write Mind Mentorship Program to see if it's the right fit for you and your work at this time.

What's holding you back? Let me know!

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